Our Mission -

The Cockpit for Management

The cockpit of a pilot shows the state of the plane, the route and the destination. The pilot controls the plane in this cockpit, the autopilot handles the routines.
The cockpit of a manager remains a collection of reports. Having control like a pilot is hardly mentioned and even less the autopilot.
The pilot works with checklists and standard procedures. The autopilot is in charge of comfort, safety and low energy consumption. Thereby, the pilot is unburdened and can focus on unforeseeable situations which can have a tremendous impact.
When we started to think about the already old idea of a management cockpit, we realized that also in organizations could be possible, what is already the standard in planes: the autopilot.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is the basic. Since decades, it is used to optimize production. Now, it should be used also in management and administration. Thereby, email traffic and repetitive manual work on the computer are reduced.
We built with our IT engineers a cockpit, which does not only inform the manager but also disburdens him from routine tasks. Moreover, he has the possibility to communicate fast and direct.
As control instruments text and images are used, but the focus is set on indicators, which regulary have to be checked.
Despite the automation: The manager can delegate everything but his responsibility. No computer can ever take that over.